Photos from Jostedalsbreen National Park, in central Norway. Here the Jostedal glacier - Europe's largest ice sheet - spills down toward spectacularly beautiful Norwegian landscapes of fjords and lake-filled valleys.
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Storm over the Lovatnet valley,
Jostedalsbreen National Park

Reflection of the Eggjenibba
in a small lake near Skei

Church and houses in the
village of Loen, Norway

Briksdalsbreen, in
Jostedalsdbreen National Park

The tiny hamlet of Fonn,
in central Norway

Ice bound lake on
the slopes of the Skala

Waterfall near Skei,
central Norway

Hiking the trail
up the Skala

Summer sunset on
the Nordfjord

Glacial snout,

Briksdalsbreen, from
across the valley

Waterfall on
the Fosdola

Overlooking the Nordfjord,
from the slopes of the Skala

Sunset on the glaciers at the
head of the Oldevatnet valley

High mountain landscape at the
edge of the Jostedal glacier

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