Photos from a memorable backpacking trip (my first!) to Lake Magog in Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park. This is deservedly regarded as one of the classic hikes in the Canadian Rockies.
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citadel pass, mount assiniboine provincial park
Hiking Mount Assiniboine
Provincial Park
lake magog
Lake Magog and the Mount
Assiniboine massif
mount assiniboine dawn
Dawn light on the mountain,
from near the campground
Click on the images for larger versions. Images may be used freely. lake magog sunset
Lake Magog, sunset
mount assiniboine twilight
Mount Assiniboine, twilight
sunshine meadows banff
Meadows, Banff National Park
lake magog assiniboine
Early morning reflections,
Lake Magog
citadel pass trail
Cloud-filled valleys seen
en route to Citadel Pass
howard douglas lake
Howard Douglas Lake
and Mount Assiniboine
Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park, adjacent to Banff and Kootenay National Parks near the British Columbia - Alberta border, is notable in this heavily visited part of the Canadian Rockies for having no road access. The premier attraction - Lake Magog at the foot of Mount Assiniboine - can only be reached by foot or by helicopter. Disdaining the rotary option (used mostly by guests staying at Mount Assiniboine Lodge), in 2009 my brother and I hiked from Sunshine Meadows near Banff to the Lake Magog campground, which sits just above its namesake lake with stunning views of the mountain. This hike - about 20 miles one way - makes for one of the best short backpacks in the Canadian Rockies. No reservations are needed at the campground, but be sure to take protection against the possibility that a plague of bloodsucking insects may have gotten there ahead of you...